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Pylväiden pintakäsittely


We offer a variety of coating options that increase the service life and visibility of products. Learn more by reading our brochure.

Zink coating

An excellent coating when you wish to protect the product from corrosion. It is also a good base for painting.

Wet paint coating

Affordable and durable option especially for very long pieces. The paint options include 1-layer polyurethane (corrosion category C2–C3) or epoxy + polyurethane (corrosion category C4–C5).

Powder coating

Environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable painting option. Powder-coated surfaces have good corrosion resistance and a flexible coat makes them very durable.

Plascoat coating

Ideal for applications where durability is required. Its flexible and hard surface makes it very resistant to mechanical stress.

Ecocoat coating

We recommend this option for the most demanding conditions. Ecocoat has a very good corrosion resistance even in a C5 corrosion environment. Ecocoat coating is also environmentally friendly and VOC-free.

Anti-Poster treatment

Protects from unwanted stickers and posters. The surface treatment is based on a clear liquid polyurethane acrylate. After the treatment, the pole surface becomes rough, so posters and stickers do not stick to the surface. The exterior features of the pole can remain unchanged due to the clear coating. The coating ensures a long service life for the pole.


Top level, modern printing technology. The coat is installed together with a polyester powder coating on the pole and it will be completely absorbed when the pole is heated to 200 °C. The coat will attach seamlessly to the pole and provide the pole with effective protection and a beautiful design. We provide all kinds of designs, imagination is the only limit. We can make coatings with any pictures and patterns you wish.