PERUS bases


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PERUS bases

Wedge-mounted bases for yard lights, traffic signs and car heating poles

PERUS products are conical bases to which poles are mounted with rubber wedges. The delivery includes a weatherproof rubber protector that prevents water from getting inside the base. PERUS-8 has a plastic cable entry of 110 mm. In the PIKE, PERUS-5 and PERUS-7 models, the pole is mounted with a conical rubber seal. These models include a spacious underground cable entry at the bottom or on the sides of the base.

The product is durable and easy to install. Our new automated production line and efficient production methods ensure consistency and accuracy.

One of our innovations is a plastic cable entry (Ø 110 mm) which allows connecting an underground cable directly to the pole base without any intermediary parts. This ensures a fast and efficient feed through of cables.

  • Steel B500 and A500HW
  • Concrete K40 XF3 and all alloying elements CE-certified.
  • FI Certification
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical specifications