SJ-TER bases


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SJ-TER bases

A base with adjusting screws for lighting poles, masts, traffic signs and traffic lights

The base, equipped with an RST cover, makes up a solid and sustainable foundation to poles. The 2-millimetre-thick stainless steel cover protects the top of the base from, for example, snowplough damage. The pole base is equipped with a stainless steel adjusting/set screw mechanism. The conical shape and wide bottom of the base ensure optimal DL3 values.

The delivery includes a weatherproof EPDM rubber protector (special shaped in SJ model), which is installed on the top of the pole base. The rubber protector prevents water and rocks from getting inside the base. The rubber protector does not slide or come off the base as the lower part of the seal is pressed between the adjusting screw and the pole.

The diameter of the plastic cable entries in the pole base is 110 mm. Pole bases may be supplied with two or four cable entries.

  • Steel B500 and A500HW
  • Concrete K40 XF3 and all alloying elements CE-certified.
  • FI-Sertifikaatti
  • All SJ-TER bases found on this page are equipped with a plastic cable entry.
  • The cable entry diameter in the SJ-4/2200 TER base is 90 mm.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical specifications