KAPU®-HE lighting column


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KAPU®-HE lighting column

Highly energy-absorbing lighting column compliant with EN 12767

The unique, patented structure of the KAPU®-HE pole reduces the risk passenger injury. In the event of a collision, the body of the KAPU®-HE pole absorbs the kinetic energy of the colliding vehicle and reduces the speed to a safe level, protecting the passengers in the vehicle as well as other road users.

The cone-shaped pole complies with the requirements the highest energy absorption category of the EN 12767 standard, HE, 100. KAPU-HE poles in this category can be used on all roads to increase safety. The KAPU®-HE poles are recommended on busy roads where there is a pedestrian and bicycle way or trees behind the poles.

KAPU-HE poles of 8m and 10m comply with the requirements of the highest safety category, HE,3.

  • All poles have a minimum pole top diameter of 60 mm.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical specifications