KAPU®-NE traffic light column


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KAPU®-NE traffic light column

Non-energy-absorbing traffic light column compliant with EN 12767

The KAPU®-NE traffic light pole has been developed for lower impact speeds than normal lighting poles. The poles vary from three to six metres.
Statistics show that fatal accidents are surprisingly common at lower speeds and on urban roads. Impact-safe poles are increasingly designed for urban locations, including the KAPU®-NE pole for traffic lights.

Already an impact speed of 35 km/h can be fatal for a human. It is the lowest impact test speed according to the European Standard, and the KAPU®-NE poles have passed the tests with excellent results.

EN 12767 classification: 70,NE,2

  • Patented hot-dip galvanised conical steel pole
  • Complies with standards:
    • EN 12767:2007
    • EN 40-5
    • EN ISO 1461
  • CE-certified.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical specifications