Safety poles save lives and money


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Safety poles save lives and money

Depending on the model, the KAPU® lighting pole will either give way to a vehicle in a collision situation, allowing the vehicle to continue on its path, or bend in front of the vehicle, stopping the car safely. So far, there has been over a thousand collisions with KAPU® lighting poles without any serious consequences.

Replacing old lightings with KAPU® poles is a smart choice in many ways. Maintenance costs will be reduced by more than 30% with the new lighting, and the costs incurred by collisions to the society will be reduced by over 80%. In terms of monetary value, the investment pays itself back already in 4 years. In addition to providing direct savings, KAPU poles have an immeasurable value in preventing traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Someone who has collided with a KAPU® lighting pole speaks from experience:

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the designers of these innovative products. Thanks to them, I was able to walk with my own feet from the place of the accident. I hope that my experience will encourage the use of collision-safe poles so that all road-users could reach their destinations in the future as well. I was lucky – I am alive to tell my story."

Conformity with requirements

The KAPU® safety pole has been granted the CE marking

The certification and quality inspection organisation Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy has granted the CE marking to the KAPU® lighting pole, manufactured by Sähkö-Jokinen Oy.

The EC certificate of conformity confirms that all the conditions relating to the demonstration of compliance set out in SFS Standard EN 40-5 annex ZA have been met and that the product meets all applicable requirements.

The CE marking is a European product approval procedure that allows the free movement of products within Europe.