Lighting the way since 1968

Durable pole and pole base solutions for road safety.

Technical specifications


Poles for all roads

Improving road safety has always been our main goal. Our innovative product design and use of the latest technology have made us a forerunner in our field. Quality, durability and easy installation are the cornerstones of our design.

Pole bases

Concrete quality

Sähkö-Jokinen's product selection includes high-quality concrete bases for all metal poles, masts and posts. From road lights to traffic lights and signs.

Other products

Repair kit for longer service life

The repair kit consists of two parts. An RST cover reinforces the concrete in the broken pole base. A stainless-steel shield is placed in the bottom of the pole to cover the broken base and reinforced with concrete.

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Over 1,000 collisions, zero serious injuries

Safety is based on an innovative and patented structure. When a vehicle hits the pole, blocks in the pole’s body disengage, allowing the vehicle to stop slowly and safely. Depending on the model, the KAPU® lighting pole will either give way to a vehicle in a collision situation, allowing the vehicle to continue on its path, or bend in front of the vehicle, stopping the car safely. So far, there has been over 1,000 collisions with KAPU® lighting poles without any serious consequences.

Someone who has collided with a KAPU® lighting pole speaks from experience

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the designers of these innovative products. Thanks to them, I was able to walk with my own feet from the place of the accident. I hope that my experience will encourage the use of collision-safe poles so that all road-users could reach their destinations in the future as well. I was lucky – I am alive to tell my story.”


Our product has been designed from the installer’s point of view.

The safety of road-users and the new innovations are the driving force behind our operations. Our product’s main selling points are durability and easy installation.

To ensure quality, all of our products are manufactured at our own production facility in Noormarkku, in the Satakunta region in Finland. An automated production line and efficient production methods ensure consistency and accuracy.


Safety as our mission, family as value

Sähkö-Jokinen is a leading developer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting products in Finland. The core of our operations is based on a unique selection of lighting, traffic light and traffic sign poles and masts and their high-quality concrete bases. Our innovative product design and use of modern technology have made us a forerunner in our field.

Over a million of our carefully manufactured concrete pole bases carry various poles across Europe.

Our main office and production facility are located in Noormarkku, Finland.